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Saturday, October 3, 2020

All Gujarat ITI List For Learning License

 Utility Desk: Don't get tense if you forgot your license at home and were stopped by the police on the way.  Just adopt this trick.  The police will not rip your money.  The government has abolished the obligation to keep or not take along hard copies of licenses or other documents for any work.  Now you have to open a disillocker. 

The scheme has been launched and you can keep a soft copy of all your documents in it.  People will get two benefits from Disilocker, one is that the document will be safe.  The second is that he will be able to use the locker anywhere he needs to.

Digital Locker is an important part of Digital India, the Prime Minister's ambitious plan.  The purpose of the digital locker is to reduce the use of physical documents by storing important documents such as birth certificate, passport, educational certificate online and to encourage the exchange of e-documents between agencies.  Save SoftCop in the locker will be perfectly valid, no one can deny believing it.

Click Here to download ITI list

The digital locker also has an e-sign feature that can be used to sign digitally.  According to last month's figures, more than 78 lakh people have registered for the DigiLocker service under PM Modi's government.  You should also take advantage of it.  The process of making it is also not complicated.

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