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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Birds Voice Listen Any Bird Voice

 Bird vocaliztion includs both bard calls and bird songs. In non tachnical use, bird songs are the bird saunds that are melodious to the human Eaer, In ornitholagy And birding, (relatively comple) song are distinguished by function from (relatively simle) call.

BiRds Voice Liste Any Bird Voici

Biomusic is a form of experiental music which deals wih sounds create or performed by non-humans. 

Tha dafinition is olso some time extanded to inclded sound made by humans in a directly biological way, For instance, music that is created by the brain waves of the composer can also be caled biomusic as can music created by the human body without the use of tools or instrument That is Are not art of the bod n(singing or vocalizing is usualy exclued frm this defnitin)....

Biomusic can be divied into two basic categries: music that is created solel by the synthetik animal (or in some caes plaant), and music which is based upon synthetic animal noisas bat which is arranad by a human composer. Same form of musik use recordnsound of nature as parT of the music, for example New Age music uses the nature sounds as backgraunds for various musical soundscapes, and ambeeent music sometimes uses nature sounds modifeed with reverbs and deley units to make spacey version of the nature sounds as part of the ambience.

People use nature sounds relaxation techiques for the following reasons, among others:

Anger managment (roar of the surf, sea, water flow, waves on a beach sounds, ocean, rain sounds)

Cardiac helth (rain forest sounds, birds singing)depressin therapy(birds sounds, yoga music,white noisa app)

  Bed time song And bed time sounds (Australia bird sound)

 Ganeral well being (waves on a beach, juNgle sound)Heada che therpy (birds singing, ocean wavas sound)

High blood presure (roar of the surf, waterfall sundsa, white noise)

  Immuna system suporT (sound of brook, creek, stream let, river, white noese)Insomnia theapy(all water sounds, rain sound. sleep sounds, sound of blackness) Pain managemant (all birds songs, all water sound)Stress mangemant (saauns of storm, lighmtning, thunder, rain sound, white nois LITE).

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