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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Indian SOS Women Safety | Disha | Emergency Alert | APK Download Now

 Jamnagar: The government has started 181 women helpline Abhayam service since 2015 to help women in Jamnagar and Devbhumi Dwarka as well as across the state.  The 181 Mahila Abhayam app has been launched in which women can contact the 181 Mahila Helpline for immediate help in any difficult situation.  

In difficult situations, women can simply press the 181 emergency button of the Abhayam app and find out where the woman is.  The information will be available to the 181 Emergency Center via GPS.

 The team will arrive on the scene and solve the problem.

 This Android app will help solve the problem of the woman by sending the nearest Abhayam Rescuvan to the scene to provide immediate help to the

woman without delay.  But if the woman is not in a position to speak, the location of the incident will be found by pressing the Abhayam app help button. The team will reach the spot and solve the problem.

 Help with services related to violence against women and sexual as well as mental health services can be found through this application. And 181 team will help to solve the problem immediately. For the last three years, 181 team has been helping women in Halar.  It will also be proved only through the app.

Download APK: Click here

 This is how the application can be installed in a smart phone

 Open the Google Play Store on the screen in your smart Android mobile phone. Then search in Google Play by typing 181 abhayam women helpline. So you will find the application. Download this application now and install it in a few moments.  The 181 Abhiyam Women's Helpline icon will appear on the screen. Clicking the icon will open the screen. For those who agree with the required conditions of the application, pressing the I agree button will open the registration screen. Fill in all the required information and enter the address.

 You will also have to enter your own as well as the phone number of the household member in case of emergency. Then you have to press the registration button. The required information in the application will start the process of activating gps and the screen for activating the app will appear.

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