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Saturday, October 31, 2020

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 No Indian warship will arrive in Alang in the near future after the wrecked Virat.  

Munnabhai's front

line and always looking to America to break its youth jazz, our agreement is hovering here.  The only ship ever sold to private parties in Alang was 15,700 tons and the Indian Navy's warship  Does not like. 

 The goods were shipped by the government unit 9700 tons, so it is coming to break  Is broken otherwise it would have suffered heavy losses in the middle of nowhere.  All eyes are fixed on the weight difference being a ton.  |  Is blasted.  War Rabbins Virat 22 or any salesman of the ship's machinery broke into Mumbai on 23rd September not to imitate the plot of Alang and came to rule his own country.  According to Munnabhai, there will be a beach to break in .9.  The process of dismantling the Arbarika Youth for the purpose of keeping ordinary jazz and warships buried was sold to the same Indian Navy and

  Rip prefers to bay.  Of course, two warships, the Virat, have been sold for the most part.  In general, one of the warships, retired A, Karimbhai Jaka (Munnabhai) 's arms - Empire, machinery, were old.  No youth ship is going to have a lifespan in 2014.  Firm I, B, Commercial Pvt.  Ltd.  , Technology, engine wings were broken at Mumbai at least 40 years ago in the year 2014 by 15,700 MT of Indian advance by the Navy and the shipbreaker of Bhavnagar near Virat Gamgaon on 14 September.

The murder was committed by her colleague Aida. Vanida's mobile phone, gold chain and cash. Why were there strong suspicions on Aida?  Found from the pit - 1 can do my way.  Each school was raided again 8 times. Chiki T. Rimi police seized Rs 15,000 in cash. Valida's Gadh Mobile, Vanida was found in possession of a kidney in a financial transaction after a dispute between Aya and Sona Cheit in a financial transaction.  The sound is likely to be Basque.  The government did not have a whole oro in the weekend, the case was solved.  The police commissioner also ran for the investigation of the enigmatic case in Karachi.  (Initially led by Klia a police officer in Surat city) A SIT was formed to investigate the death of a Thai girl in a car accident last week.  The brutal way in which Mr. Kamo was there, Vanita's mother in this case, Fropsek, FSL, was also shocked by Gholis. 

 She started trying to get fat with the help of the head of the power company, including the experts who robbed her building.  Bardakshi hai! [Here, two days after the accident from a house in Patta's Kanya's Gorkha Street, the police and the power company were investigating the murder of a young woman of 21 ras eve ras rame nek rasi lighton's subgoli. Later, their primary remnant happened but forensic, FSL.

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