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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Digital Seva Setu Program For Gujarat Village

Firecrackers can be fired in the city between 8 and 10 at night.  What is Green Katakada in Ahmedabad?  Green fireworks have been researched by the city CSIR in line with the order issued by the National Green Tribunal to control pollution during the Diwali festivities. 

 This police commissioner plays an important role in controlling firecracker pollution only during the Diwali festivals from 8 to 10 at night.  Its peculiarity is that the projection can explode less fish fireworks.  Other than that, the ban on fireworks is spreading, there is no loud noise, a proclamation was issued today.  Violators of the ban will be prosecuted.  Smoke is not harmful to the eye, the amount of pollution is reduced by 30%.  100 cannot be used around public roads, hospitals, nursing homes, courts, bottling plants and educational institutions.

  Legal action will be taken only by the PES organization to ensure that the amount of pollution caused by firecrackers other than fish firecrackers does not increase during Diwali.  City markets, streets, official fireworks can be sold and used only on public roads, petrol pumps or flammable items.

  Apart from this, the sale of firecrackers and the firing of firecrackers near godowns is prohibited.  Any breaker will be prosecuted.  Firecracker looms were banned by police commissioner-type Chinese tukkal or fireworks balloons. 

The Villagers Do Not Have To Push For Government Office

Even affidavits can now only be deleted by Talati. In the smallest village, work related to 22 different services will now be done online.

167 Talukas Of The State Will Get The Benefit Of This Facility

 The program is currently being launched in 2700 villages.  As a result, people in rural areas will not have to move out of the village.  The villagers will now get the print of ration card, income proof etc.  in the village itself.

 3500 villages have been connected to the digital service bridge and the network has been set up by Optical Fibad.

 In the first phase, 2700 villages will be included.

 By December 2020, 8 thousand villages will be included

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