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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Good News For Gujarat Farmer

 On the first 27 day of the monsoons session of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly's, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced a Rs 3,700 crore aid package and it for crop damage to do it 2 caused by heavy duty in rain a in the kharif season.

   in 123 talukas of 20 district of their state.  This assistance package will benefit of your about 27 lakh farmer is to accountant holders in the state.

 Damage to crops concluding groundnut, cotton, paddy

 Chief Ministerie is to get Vijay Rupani has said that heavy rains in some talukas of the state in August 2020 have resulted a in flooding of farms and damaged cross country to. In the early stages, there was moderate Randall is in and very good production conditions in allah is in a the district of the state, but during the months of this message of August, some talukas of their website in state received heavy duty black rains and due to flooding in the fields, damage was reported that we have to crops, mainly groundnut for, cotton.

 An arrangement of ​​37 lakh hectare to will be eligible for assistance

 The state government has repeatedly of announced that the state government was considering that is providing assistants to you to farmers in the state in case of crop damage of 33 per cent and above. To be honest and Out of the estimated 51 lakho of a hectares of cultivated area in 123 talukas of 20 districts of the States and a half, an estimated 37 lakh hectares will be eligible for assistance as per the norms of assistance.

 For 2 hectares Rs.  10 thousand per hectare assistance

 In case of crop of loss 28 of 33% and above, a maximum of Rs.  10 thousand per hectare assistance willen to be the same be paid.  In addition, no matter how little lang is to the farmer bas, he should be paid at lewat is to 3 Rs.  The state governments has decided to pay Rs 5,000.  This assistance please send a direct package will benefit an estimated 27 lakh farmer accounts and then 3 holders in the state.  Not only that, if these is an assessment of crap a lot damage in other talukas og is to get the state, the state government will also consider it.

 The portal will be open from October 1

 The portal for online applications for those assistance will be opened and from October 1, with the cost og is to 3 applying online being borne a lot by the state governments of a.  Farmer's is that will have 63 to apply at the nearest e-gram center.

Check Your Status Online

Read All Details In Gujarati

  At the end of the approval process as per the applications, the assistance will be deposited directly online in there any Farmer's bank account, the CM said.

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