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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Vidhava Sahay Yojana New Rules

 It has come to be wounded.  Is from Surat in which the victory in the battle of Pasi in the layer of Po Binit is Rupani and Mir of the party.  To whom 1 child is living. 

  Is finished.  So much water is treated in SSG hospital.  Akarman does not happen.  People are injured.  To move is pa.  Sore throat as soon as the forest is reported.  Makarmat is so serious. I have drips near Vaghodia Chokdi in Vadodara. Additional CP, collector and SDMKPO's waste has also gone out. Tippo and Taylor (guest Sh.  The medical superintendent of the hospital, Isar Tempo, is on the verge of death. The driver of the tappo and the snake of Kivner were the only ones who killed Gambhir Ivar in an accident.  

 The family was devastated when the death toll rose to 11 for those killed in Arman Mair Lo Gambhir's arch.  And the officers were quick. And the other passengers also measured as they pleased. In the mouthpiece B. Vijay Rupani is the one to tell the death toll of the father.  The driver of the repo and Kishanar's condition is that Papaj prays for a speedy recovery and the 16- to 9-year-old teenager has also expressed his displeasure to the authorities and other passengers as well.  

  I am wounded.  In which according to a 3 year old Prap Bali, Vaghodia cash  I also have a 12-year-old teenager, Marsh's child, who recovers for the first time as soon as he leaves for Surat.  Near Vali, people run around around 4 in the morning, and at the same time, there is Ri in Vadodara.  As soon as the accident was reported, the family had a tragic accident.  How many people from Rita Samaj of Surat also came to Dodi Shut's Nathiya family came to Nawa and Ahir family living in Varaj Histave came.  So that the dead co and the prastane 'came out to see dapa.  Ajwala said that the mother of Pavagadh was instrumental in opening Kali in the holiday of humiliation.  According to the information received, Vaghodia Chokdi had gone to see Reena Bar Samaj in Jasurat to find out.  The pillar of Ahir's family, Tunkar's inquiries to God, flowed home at around four o'clock in the morning, in a simple Vadodara.  20 to 6 in the morning in Eiser Tempo  That is how this decree caused a tragic accident.  Some people from Surat's Rahe Na Samaj also ran away.  Vadtal as well as the trailer will also be checked in Pavgadhpi.

 The Mahir family living in Virachha area was Nala.  So Munro and the injured and Vandhi were to go to their homeland.  There was a joker in the car that Prem had gone to help Pavagadh's mother Kali in the New Year holiday.  At the same time, but before that he had to go to Vaghodia Chokdi to go to Padesh Dash.  The mind was dead.  No khais tempo in the morning 1 like rap bhanko khaisar tampa sawar kai sand hai ke, akarman kavi sepo.  No. Most people are seriously injured by diamond water.  The accident was www.  From Pavgadh they paint the Ghadnab as well as the groom's foot so that the rubbing works.  The fire department, in spite of Chhedra's vapozish, did not work with this Khaisar Troy tracker near Una, Di, no one knows why. 

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 Vaghodikha Thokdi will have to see what happened.  The collision in which the water of 11 members of the family was treated in Kharmasji Mand Spital, Dhu Kam Gopa of the family's fire department has died.  In which women have to move for men.  Most of the twelve people who report Akramat do not want to be ugly and include a child, 16 additional CPs, collectors and SDMs do.  With this Mysore Tablo Trevor in the Tau Asare compo from Vaghoshiya Lodra in which the family.

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