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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Thermometer: Hygrometer, Measure Temperature

 Measurement of external humidity and temperature of the device.

     Thermometer - hygrometer, temperature measurement

     Thermometer applications and moisture-free design help you control the weather better so you are better prepared to leave home.  You can measure temperature and humidity wherever internet is needed.  It can also help you take the temperature of your devices.  It works as a temperature gauge.  

Key Features:

    Thermometer - A free hygrometer to monitor the weather wherever you are

     - Outdoor temperature, humidity and wind can be controlled.

     It's very simple yet very effective!  Just open the app and turn on the internet, and the navigation device will take you back to your climate.

     - You can measure the temperature by pressing the reset button and quickly measure the humidity and wind speed.

     You can easily switch between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

     R thermometer - hygrometer, measurement temperature allows you મંજૂરી CPU temperature measurement

 ● terry temperature.    Many topics to choose from for you.  - There are many features to choose your favorite background color. 

   Very easy to use: Simple interface makes it easy to manipulate the application. Screen Bright Customization: You can customize the screen brightness to be best for your eyes.

     To monitor the current weather you need to turn on the internet for the application.

     Cli because climate thermometers - hygrometers now measure temperature and humidity depending on location and allow conditions to change.

We look forward to receiving your comments and reviews.

  If you like this app, please give us a 5-star rating.

     Your reviews and suggestions are a great incentive to continue to improve our products.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

SBI has issued an alert, your bank account can also be emptied through WHATSAPP

 has issued a warning, your WhatsApp bank account may also be emptied.

     Also, the bank does not offer lotteries or lucky customers.  Be careful if someone gives you red.

     SBI has issued a warning that your bank account can also be emptied through WhatsApp.

     State Bank of India has issued a warning to users of WhatsApp social messaging app.

     According to him, a small WhatsApp bug could infiltrate your bank account.

     Cybercriminals can steal money from your account by calling or texting this application.

These crimes increased rapidly during the Taj period.

     SBI advised customers that the bank should not contact all customers and request their personal account details.

     If someone does not want to receive this information via call, WhatsApp message, email or text message, receive an alert immediately.  I'm trying to deceive you.

     Also, the bank does not offer lotteries or lucky customers.  Be careful if someone gives you red.

     Damage can only be caused by one mistake

     "Cybercriminals are juist wanting for your mistaken," the bank saif.  One mistake will take money out of your account.  To read

     Don't trust fake calls or forwarding messages at all.

     Cybercriminals have reported that a customer won the lottery and tried to provoke them to seduce them.

     People are requested to download any details about the application or account.

     Emptying a cyber account is a common mistake.

     State Bank of India advises all customers to be vigilant and warn others to avoid such scams.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

BMI(Body Mass Index) Calculator

This BMI calculator helps you find your ideal weight.  With this BMI calculator you can calculate and evaluate your body mass index (BMI) based on information related to body weight, height, age and gender. 

 If you want to lose weight, it's helpful to calculate your BMR. You can either find the number using a formula designed by scientists, you can get it tested in a lab.  Ideal Weight Calculator.

BMI Calculator Formula Option:

   Standard BMI formula:

   This formula has been used worldwide for ages and is universally accepted.

   Previously all medical professionals have used this formula to evaluate a person’s health parameters.

   New BMI formula:

   Recently new formulas have been identified that show more realistic results based on altitude, the new BMI formula is more accurate than the original standard formula.

   BMR calculator

   The basic metabolic rate (BMR) is the total number of calories your body needs to perform basic, sustainable actions.

   If you want to lose weight, it is helpful to calculate your BMR.  You can either find the number using a formula designed by scientists, you can test it in a laboratory.

   Ideal weight calculator

   Ideal Weight-Application Calculate the ideal weight you take according to your physical characteristics.

   Calorie calculator

   Calculate how many calories you need to maintain your weight according to your daily physical activities.

Download BMI Calculator

 Nutrient calculator

   This nutrient calculator provides the composition of proteins, carbohydrates and fats according to your height, age and body weight.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Heavy rains will fall in Gujarat due to gulab Storm

 The Indian Farmers' Union will not join the announcement of the closure of India by the farmers.  Bharti.  The Kisan Sangh has decided to stay away from the announcement of the dam.  He has appealed to activists affiliated with him to stay away from the ban.  

The Bharat Bandh in Amreli received a mixed response.  But there was a scuffle between opposition leader Paresh Dhanani and the police.  Paresh Dhanani took his Activa and went out to close shops in Amreli.  But the police stopped Dhanani along with his supporters.  Then Paresh Dhanani and his supporters had a bit of a tussle with the police.

  Dhanani was furious when the police stopped him.  And fled from the midst of his own active police.  Police personnel tried their best to stop Paresh Dhanani but Dhanani managed to break through the police cordon and escape.  However, Dhanani was later detained by the police.  And were taken to the police station.  So after the police action, Dhanani slammed the state and central government.  He said the government has also taken away the right to protest in a democracy.

માહિતી વિડિઓ જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Opposition leader Paresh Dhanani got out on Activa while BJP leader Dilip Sanghani got out on a bicycle.  Dilip Sanghani cycled in Amreli and appealed to the people not to support the closure.

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Monday, December 7, 2020

Latest Circular: Gujarat Police Constable Recruitment 2020/21

 After many controversies, the unarmed PSIs, ASIs, constables, intelligence officers, armed police constables,  However, for this, the conditions set by the government have to be followed. There have been many controversies and agitations. There have been many controversies and agitations on issues like appointment and recruitment by the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Committee (GSSSB).  In these circumstances, sources in the General Administration Department said that till now the technical and non-technical recruitment process under Cadre-3 was done by the Secondary Service Selection Board. 

Talking to the media today, the Minister of State for Home said that 20 percent waiting list will be made for the recruitment of various cadres fired by the Public Guard Recruitment Board.  As per the existing instructions of the General Administration Department, the waiting list is made only on those occasions where the examinations are held for the same cadre, but in the examinations conducted by the Locator Recruitment Board, the recruitment process of more than one cadre was done.  

 Download Latest Circular

 Therefore, the Locator Recruitment Board did not make a waiting list for the examination to be taken in January 2019.  Representing the Chief Minister in this regard, the Chief Minister, while making concessions in this rule, decided to make a special waiting list in this examination conducted by the Home Department, so that the youth get a chance in government service.

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