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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Employment And Training Department Online Registration

 Founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EDX is a world of over 20,000 students, one of the world's top-ranked universities and industry-leading companies, offering more than 2,000 online courses. 

    Learn the most essential skills to develop your career with degree programs and courses online courses in the fastest growing fields of computer science and programming, informatics, software engineering, web development, business, management, marketing, finance, accounting and masters.  Buy Design, Cyber ​​Security and Power and more.  From informatics courses to computer programming courses, you've learned about EDX.

     Learn new skills from our experts by joining our classes online classes.  Expand your horizons and continue your education with online classes from other best universities like Imperial College London.  Stay on top of the game and turn on AdX in your private college online college ledge.

     Looking for a computer science course to learn programming for web development or mobile application development in programming languages ​​like C, C ++, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and R?  Want to learn data science, learn Java or learn SQL online?

     Want an online course to learn Communications, Human Psychology, G, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Digital Marketing, Anatomy, Statistics, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence?  2,000 Online Courses With online courses, we can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need!  Learn new skills and earn course certificates.  Enhance your education today with your college courses online courses.

     Informatics, blockchain, Python, project management, etc.

     Test your knowledge with quizzes and exams as you progress through each course.

     Learn more about digital marketing from HTML programming.

     Online courses on topics:

     Computer Science - Program Learn Online Programming and Learn to Write Code!  Learn computer science courses with beginner and advanced courses such as Python courses, Java courses, HTML courses, JavaScript courses and more.  Artificial Intelligence Course, Machine Learning Course, Web Development Course, Cyber ​​Security Course, C ++ Course, R Programming Course or Information Science Course.  With over 500 computer courses, cloud computing, cyber security, network security, IT, mobile and android development, game design and more.  Take a web development course from Harvard University or a computer science course like CS50.  Learn software engineering and software development or sign up for MicroSF's online SQL courses, Excel, DevOps, Azure, Angular, NodeJS and more.

     Business and Management - Accounting courses, Digital marketing courses, etc.  Marketing Analytics, Finance, Economics, Information Technology, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Health Management, Financial Technology, Eloquence etc.

     Mathematics - Mathematics courses from high school to college, basic arithmetic, statistics and algebra.

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     Science and Engineering - Many engineering courses, including Biology, Anatomy, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, and Manufacturing, Materials Science, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

     Language - Learn Spanish, Chinese, French, English and Sign Language.

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