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Friday, April 2, 2021

How To Link Aadhar Card With PAN Card By SMS

 How to link Aadhaar card & PAN card with SMS. 

   Link Aadhar Card with Aadhar Card: Link with Aadhar Card The government gives the last date for PAN card, 31st March 2020. Therefore, before this date, everyone has to link PAN card with Aadhar card.  Now you have questions about how to link Aadhar card number with PAN card, so today we know the whole process of linking Aadhar card and PAN card inking online.

   Link Aadhaar card with PAN card

   There are two ways to link PAN card and Aadhaar card.  One is to throw an online online website and the other is via SMS.  Today we will discuss the SMS method of linking Aadhaar and PAN card.  So let's follow this instruction and do all the process easily. 

   Link Aadhaar card with PANCARD with SMS

   Open the first message in your phone and open the send message option.

   Now insert this text in full format

   UIDPN <Aadhaar Card Number> <Pen Card Number>

   Example: UIDPAN 123456789123 AKPLM2124M

   You check it again and send this message

   567678 or 56161 number.

   All successfully finished completed yourself Aadhar card link with PANcard.  Yes, it is a very simple process that you can do it in a minute.

   Note: You have to send an SMS from the mobile number which was registered with the Aadhaar card.  If your Aadhaar card does not have a mobile number compared to the first link mobile number with the Aadhaar card 

   Hi friend's, this is the completed guidelines to link Aadhar card with PAN card, if you haven't any question please from the comment's here.  We urge you to share this information as it is important and useful to everyone.

Link Aadharcard - Pancard


Check Linking Status

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