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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Gujarat Several appointments of Nagarpalika 2021

 Gujarat Municipality Many appointments 2021

     In India, a city council is a local council that regulates a girl, girl, municipal, city of 100,000 or more inhabitants.  But there is a difference, since cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants already have city centers, all city organizations began to be classified as municipal councils of more than 100,000 people.  being less.  As part of the Panchayati Raj program, Ta.  It works directly with the national government, and although administered by regional administrations, it is generally a municipality in small regional towns and large cities.  

     Various municipalities in Gujarat have posted advertisements for the following articles.  Eligible candidates are encouraged to submit this official announcement and apply for the post.  More information about age restriction, eligibility rate, selection process, application fee and application rules can be found below.

     Miscellaneous Gujarat Municipality Jobs 2021 Job Description:

     Post: Cleaner

     Degree: To pass STD 3rd, read and write

     Selection Process:

     Candidates will be selected on the basis of any discussion.

     how to apply?

     Eligible candidates can submit the application and related documents to the address given in the application.  

Note: It is recommended that applicants read this official guide before applying.


Songadh Nagarpalika 04 09/06/2021 Click Here

Halol Nagarpalika 43 07/06/2021 Click Here

Pardi Nagarpalika 02 27/05/2021 Click Here

Karamsan Nagarpalika 17 25/05/2021 Click Here

Savarkundla Nagarpalika 27 18/05/2021 Click Here

Damnagar Nagarpalika 10 18/05/2021 Click Here

  Important: Please always check and verify the above information on the official website and in the announcement / notice.

     As laid down in the 1992 Constitution (Amendment 74), municipalities are also a form of local government with specific functions and responsibilities.  According to Article 243F, ownership of these lands was the duty of each state.

     The amendment contains provisions for 74 local governments (municipalities).

     Source of income

     All these programs require continuous and adequate funding to run smoothly.  Different sources of income for municipalities are:

     Income from housing and entertainment laws, electricity, water (in some cities), cars, property and land

     Tax is the most important income of a company.  All cars sold except auto rickshaws can be taxed.

     Revenue also comes from companies such as hotels, tourist centers, fares, municipal property and tuition fees.

     Financial grants from the national government make it a major source of income for all municipalities.  Funds are also earmarked for special projects for the welfare of citizens.

     Collecting commercial taxes for all employers, ie public and private sectors

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