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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Useful application For Daily work


Communication related application list

1. Block and Phone Call Recorder

  The Call Call app is useful today and you can easily make and record calls from this app.

  Is a simple application and you can record all your calls.

  Read more about this app or download from here


Technical trick related application list

  2. View deleted messages and retrieve photos in WhatsApp

  Today we bring you the best way to read deleted messages in WhatsApp.

  You can easily delete a message in your WhatsApp but this trick will work for you here and is simple and easy.

  Read more about this app or download from here


Photo editor related application list

 3. Birthday Photo Frames 2021

  If you want to be the second birthday scandal from this app then the app here is good and useful and you can create birthday scams in this app easily and simply.

  In this app you can easily create the best birthday scandal from here.

  Read more about this app or download from here


  Communication related application list

  4. How to find caller details?

  This application is very useful to know how you got the call and you have to install this application in your mobile before any call comes on your mobile.

  Read more about this app or download from here


  Photo editor related application list


  5. ZEDGE - Wallpaper & Ringtone

ZJE offers the best wallpapers and cool ringtones for free.  Personalize your phone with stunning HD and wallpapers or funny ringtones with Easy Z provides millions of free wallpapers, video backgrounds, stickers, ringtones, alarm sounds and notification sounds for your Android phone.  Search for anything - it's on ZJE. 

Read more about this app or download from here


  Location related application list


  7. Life 360-Family Locators

Life 360 ​​Family Locator makes life easier by connecting people to the most important people in the digital world. 

Read more about this app or download from here


  Location related application list

  8. Mobile Number Tracker-Find Mobile Number Location

Phone number tracker allows you to easily track any mobile phone number.  Mobile phone number location - The location tracking application of all phone numbers allows you to track any mobile phone number, as well as the location of the current mobile phone number and network operator information. 

Read more about this app or download from here 


Technical trick related application list

  9. Whatsapp Status Saver 2020

Situation Protector for WhatsApp allows you to upload pictures, pictures, GIFs and videos of the new App Account New Status feature 2020, as well as to share the app with editors like Saver and Status Downloader to your friends.  

Read more about this app or download from here


  Photo editor related application list

  10. 3D Logo Maker

  Logo Maker Plus is not only designed for logos, Logo Maker Free is also a core feature of the application that produces business cards and business cards. 

Read more about this app or download from here


Technical trick related application list

  11. DiskDrigger:Photo Recovery

DiskDigger can delete and recover lost photos from memory card or internal storage. 

Read more about this app or download from here


  Technical trick related application list

  12. Avast Antivirus For Mobile Virus Cleaner

  Android mobile security with antivirus, virus cleaner, phone cleaner and application.   Protect from viruses and other malware with the world's most reliable, free antivirus application for Android, Avast Mobile Security. 

Read more about this app or download from here


  Photo editor related application list

  13. Faceapp photo editor app

Face app a good app this application it is a fun app your friends in fancy photo is got look and chidaing. Your friends.

Read more about this app or download from here


  Photo editor related application list

  14. Adobe Photoshop Express

 Unlimited photography

     Click on your creativity on the go with Photoshop Express and review the One Stop Photo Editor app and the quick changes used by millions of creators.

Read more about this app or download from here


  Communication related application list

  15. Eye Test By Designveloper

When was the last time your eyes were examined?  You can’t remember this eye test, you can easily and thoroughly test your vision at home!  After the test, you must decide whether to see a physician.

Read more about this app or download from here


  Information related application list

  16. RBI launches Mani app to challenge currency notes

Denominations of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200 and Rs 2000 were issued.  The Reserve Bank of India is sensitive to the problems that blind Indian banknotes deal with on a daily basis.

Read more about this app or download from here


  Photo editor related application list

  17. Pixel Lab-Text On Pictures

Adding stylish text, 3B text, shapes, stickers and pictures to your photos has never been so easy.  A simple and clean interface that allows you to focus on everything you do, including predefined information, fonts, stickers and backgrounds, you'll experience over 60 unique options that you can customize and personalize  you can.

Read more about this app or download from here


  M-parivahan related application list  

  18. M-parivahan Apps Download 2020

  M-Parivahan provides transport services to citizens through a mobile-based application.  This application provides the citizen with quick access to various information, services and facilities related to the transport sector.  The system aims to achieve comfort and transparency for the citizen.

Read more about this app or download from here


  Weather related application list  

  19. Thermometer: Hygrometer, Measure Temperature

Measurement of external humidity and temperature of the device.

     Thermometer - hygrometer, temperature measurement

     Thermometer applications and moisture-free design help you control the weather better so you are better prepared to leave home.

Read more about this app or download from here


Information related application list

  20. Google Assistant-Get Things Done,Hands Free

    Gadget Desk: If you are thinking of buying a new smartphone from Samsung then this is the best opportunity for you.  Flipkart has organized Samsung Mobile Fest.  Samsung is making a big offer in this fest.  The fest will run until November 8.  This fest is offering cool on Galaxy On Max, Galaxy On 5, Galaxy On Next and Galaxy C9 Pro.

Read more about this app or download from here


  Information related application list

  21. GSRTC Live Real Time Bus Traking Android App

  GSRTC Vehicl Trecking Appliation provides real time ETA of state transport bues at en-route stations and exact loction of running GSRTC vehicle on map.

Read more about this app or download from here


  Communication related application list

  22. Googled Translate

With more than 100 languages ​​the world is closer than ever

   Translate between 103 languages ​​by typing 10

   Tap Transla to translate: Copy text to any application and your translation will pop up.  

Read more about this app or download from here


  Video related application list

  24. Wombo AI Video Maker:Make Your Selfies Sing

Wombo AI app: allows Wombo auxiliary photo sync.  Create fun lip sync videos with Wombo and Single Support app. 

 Since launching two weeks ago, the Wombo app has been downloaded more than 2 million times.

Read more about this app or download from here


  Weather related application list  

  25.Windy:Live Cyclone Update

Also the most detailed offline flying and walking king maps in the world.

      Wind maps, developed by Seznam.cos, show the whole world in detail.  If you like hiking, cycling or skiing, you can enjoy this app. 

Read more about this app or download from here


Photo editor related application list

  26. My Name 3d Wallpaper Paper

Step 3 3D Live Wallpaper is a free personalization application that you can use as a live wallpaper at home and on the screen and compatible with any device or mobile phone.  All this allows you to choose different fonts to show your name primarily, giving a beautiful and stunning effect on the screen. 

Read more about this app or download from here


  Shopping related application list

  27.Amazon Shoping And Money Transfer

Amazon Shopping, UPI, Money Transfer and Bill Payment bring you over 17 million original products at great prices and deals.  Get the latest electronic devices Redmi Y3, Apple Plus iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus 7 Pro and other accessories - headphones, chargers, power banks - from the Amazon app.


  Fonts related application list

  28.Blue Words:Stylish Fonts & Fancy Text

Express your creativity by trying different font styles in texts and names.  This is a way to express your new creativity.  Use the font creator app to try new text styles every day.  


Information related application list

  29.Google Arts & Culture Android App

The Google Arts & Culture app for Android allows you to visit museums and collections around the world by looking at small details of your favorite art.


Communication related application
  30. HI Translate: Online Language Translator

Hi Translation is a free language translator in 88 languages, including Hindi to English, Marathi to English and more. 

Typing related application
  31.Google Indic Keyboard For Android Every Mobile

Google Hindi Keyboard - a new way to type in your native language on Android. 

 Google Hindi Keyboards allowed you to writers a message on your Android phone, updated on sociale networks or wrote emails in tour native language. 

Read more about this app or download from here


Photo editor related application list

  32.Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo filters, photo frames, effects, collage and Photo Lab editing is one of a large collection of stylish and comical photo effects: more than 900 effects so far!  Cool face photo editing, photo frames, animation effects and photo filters are here to your taste. 


Photo editor related application

  34.Indian Flag Alphabet Letters
Create stylish lighting name creates more attractive and beautiful photo. indian flag text, photo frame name, text, indian flag is free indian flag name maker app give your name with india flag text name manufacturer. 


Rakhi Photo Frame 2021

 Create Rakhi photos easily with stickers and greeting cards. Rakhi is a line that unites two souls in the joy of slavery forever.  Happy Rakshabandhan 2021. rakhi photo frame 2020     Rakshabandhan is a popular, big and influential Hindu religious festival in India.  According to the Indian months, Shravan month is celebrated on the full moon day. 


  Janmashtami Alphabet Whatsapp DP 2021

Krishna Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday is celebrated in India in July or August with great devotion and enthusiasm.  According to the Hindu calendar, this religious holiday is celebrated on the eighth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Ashtami or Bhadun in Krishna Paksha. 

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