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Saturday, July 24, 2021

ભારત પાકિસ્તાનના બાળકો વચ્ચે છેડાયું વાકયુદ્ધ War of words started between children of India and Pakistan, gave a jaw-dropping response to the poisonous words of Pakistani children

It is known that Pakistan is now bringing out its enmity through children by inciting them, Pakistan has made an advertisement, in which children are called to incite against India.  The video has gone viral, in which Pakistani children occupy some places in India and talk about building a house or eating there. 

 In response to the video, children of India also say that we will clean the streets near the Indian Army, take revenge on every Muslim, eat kebabs at India Gate, and build a big house on the coast of Goa, children of India also make a video in response to this poisonous video.  

but the children of India do not talk about spreading enmity, the children of India say that our parents teach us not to make enmity with anyone, they don't even teach us to discriminate between big and small.

 Ration card, or ration card, is a card issued by the government.  This makes it easier for the cardholder to obtain food or other items that may be available in relatively small quantities during war or other emergencies when the ratio is applied.

  After the end of the war on both sides, Mashrabia's efforts gradually normalized.  The brand is brought to the merchant to order food at any time.  

     Under the National Food Security Act, food products including cereals are periodically provided to ration card holders by the state government.  There are a total of 71 ration card holders in the state.  However, in the last six months or more than 12 months, ration card holders who have not been able to get their rations have switched their cards to the Silent Ration Card in the online broadcasting system.  This means that these cards are blocked.

     How is the ration card placed in the "Silent" category?

     Silent Ration Card holders will not be able to distribute sufficient rations at this time either online or offline.  Ration card holders prohibited by the system have to contact the concerned office / district office forward to 7 purchase of foodgrains.  E-KYC shouldn't be Mandator a good for Aadhar seed proceeding for all member's of Silent Ration Card.  Station card can be activates only after noon I certification.  

 What is the process of reactivating Silent Card?

     Mamlatdar / Branch Office, Cardholder Verification, Ration Card, Residence, Aadhaar Card Number, Bank Account Number, Pocket Number and other necessary proofs in the name of all the members must go to Mamlatdar District.  With the consent of the District Catering Officer, the amount to be paid during the month will be distributed to the ration card holder. 

   It may be noted that 802727 remains silent under the National Food Security Act of 2013 by the Gandhinagar Ration Card regime.  This means that ration card holders are currently blocked by appropriate methods.  Ration card holders who have not received food ration in any way for the last six months or a year are reserved for those who have to reactivate the ration by August 31 by contacting the Mamlatdar office or department.

  How many ration cards are there in which taluka?

     Kalul Tolak, 1669 who banned from eating for six months and 339 ration card holders who did not eat for twelve months.  Similarly in Gandhinagar in Gandhinagar 1416, 333, 1540 and 498, in Dahegam 356 and 45, a total of 8027 ration card holders were kept in silent category, 6432 ration card holders did not get 6 months ration and 1,595 rations.  Card holders.  One year pregnant.

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