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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Magic Slate By Ng Labs

 A simple app to give kids colors and shades or to write letters and numbers 

  Magical to you Slate support in many thanks ways to painting and apply without having brush strikes to, you can use the brush is tool to draw strokes and use different brush strikes a such as exteriors gloss, interior design with gloss, embodying, shape, choose brush size tool  And adjust the parameters. 

 Brush Of course, sometimes we make mistakes in the drawing on which you work hard, and there is an easy way to undo those changes and re-do what you accidentally undo.

  This program helps you draw with more than one color, write letters and numbers, and this program develops your interest in drawing and creative thinking. 

The main features of this application

  • The app makes this app design more interactive with kids
  • Magic slate multi-colored painting and writing board
  • A digital board where you can write, draw and describe
  • This is a free app and offline fly app  
  • Letters Children can learn to draw or write letters and numbers 
  • Record pictures of your children on your mobile phone 
  • Amazing kids can start classes in this amazing program
  • There are many brush sizes to choose from 
  • Kids share and print your child's artwork with family and friends
  • Eraser is available for improvement  
  • There are many colors to choose and take a picture

Download Magic Slate

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