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Friday, February 18, 2022

હરણની આટલી ઊંચી અને લાંબી છલાંગ Strange video of flying deer went viral

 Different types of videos go viral on social media every day, there are many videos that you want to watch frequently, there are also many videos that are annoying.  While young children and adults alike love to watch videos of wild animals, a very annoying video of a deer has recently surfaced. 

 The video, which is going viral, shows a deer flying, which has annoyed everyone.  Although this is not a flying deer, but the way it is leaping makes it look like it is flying in the air and that is why this video has caught everyone's attention and people are also very excited to see this video.

વિડિઓ જુઓ 👇

 The viral video shows a deer drinking water on the shore of a lake.  The video of the deer leap was made by the person, which is going very viral on social media.

 The video, which has gone viral on social media, is said to be from Sivani Panch National Park in Madhya Pradesh.  It can be seen in the video that the deer comes running up the rough road and makes a great leap.  People are also giving their reactions after watching this viral video.  People have been very fond of this deer jump, many say that they saw this sight for the first time.

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