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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

ચમત્કારને નમસ્કાર! 180 કિમીની ઝડપે બાઇક થયું સ્લીપ, ફૂટબોલના દડાની જેમ ફંગોળાયો ખેલાડી- જુઓ મોતને મ્હાત આપતો વિડીયો

 Viral: As much as you enjoy bike racing or car racing, the more dangerous it is for riders or drivers to drive at higher speeds.  During this time many accidents also happen in which it becomes difficult to escape. 

  A similar incident happened before Moto GP in Indonesia.  Spanish racer Marc Marquez's bike crashed at a speed of 180 km / h.

વિડિઓ જુઓ

 The horrific accident happened during the warm-up before the Grand Prix on Sunday at the Mandalika International Street Circuit in Indonesia.  Six-time former world champion Mark Marquez's bike had a horrific accident while warming up to 180 before the event.  In the accident, his car fell several meters away and he was wrecked.

 Mark was hospitalized:

 Mark Marquez was rushed to a nearby hospital.  His life was spared but his injuries were so severe that he was declared ineligible to participate in the event.  In this video you can see how Mark's car crashes into a bend and pulls him to the ground several meters away.  The wheels of his bike are seen flying and he later gets up on his own and goes to the side.

 How did the accident happen?

 The video clearly shows how Mark's tire crashes and loses its balance as it turns on the track.  After this, he walks to the left and a little farther away his Honda bike falls away after taking several turns.  According to a report from, the new casing of the tires is making it difficult for riders to grip.

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