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Thursday, March 24, 2022

આજ નો કોયડો and Exam Battle

From understanding topics to cracking exams, we provide one-time solutions for all your learning needs.  Learn with us now that your home is safe.

Due to its simple user interface and interesting design features, our app is the best solution for students across the country.


   Interactive live lessons

     Let's now recreate your physical experience with our modern live lesson interface, where multiple students can learn together.

     - Regular live lessons to pass your exam

     Raise your hand to handle personal inquiries

     Course content:

     - Access to courses, notes and other teaching materials

     - Update content regularly

Test performance report

     - Get exams online

     - Periodically review your performance, test scores and rankings.

     Ask any doubts. 

Dispelling doubts has never been so easy.  Ask your doubts by clicking on the screenshot / photo of the uploaded question.  We will make sure that all your doubts are removed.

Get your doubts resolved through our mobile app

Excel log installed.

- We have been a part of the market for a long time, we have helped many candidates to pass the exam.

Excellence has always been our motto, and one thing that will never change is our motto.

Reminders instructions for batch sessions

- Receive notifications about new courses, sessions and updates.  Don't worry about classes, missed lessons, etc., because we want you to focus on your learning.

- Receive advertisements about exam dates / special classes / special events etc.

Mission scene

Practice makes the student perfect.  Get regular assignments online to be perfect.

- Submit your assignments online, we will help you evaluate your performance

Availability at any time

- View our lessons, live or recorded at any time from any of your devices.

Discussion with parents and teachers

- Parents can download the app

- Parents can easily talk to the teacher in case of any question

Pay the fee

- Offer easy payments with 100% secure payment options

Online payment option for convenience

Compete in groups

- Compete with learning peer groups

- Get your comparative score compared to students of the same age

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Download App

Free ads

- No ads for seamless search experience


- The security of your data, such as phone number, email address, etc. is very important

- We never use any type of student data

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