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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

કમો કેવી રીતે થયો ફેમસ જુઓ કમાનો પહેલો વિડિઓ Audi will launch its cheapest car, may be the Electric Vehicale

 Audi will launch its cheapest car, may be the Electric Vehicle

 The A1 is the corporate cousin of the Volkswagen Polo and is currently in its second generation, while the Q2, a cousin of the VW T-Roc, is still in its first generation.  No model has ever been offered in the US, where the A3 serves as the entry point to the Audi range.

New Delhi. Audi is going to launch a new version of its cheapest car Audi A3 soon. This will be the new entry-level car from the German luxury car company. As reported by, Audi CEO Marcus Duesmann has reportedly said that the A3 will serve as the entry-level model once the smaller crossovers of the A1 and Q2 are phased out.

Audi is focusing on transforming itself into an electric car brand. This has led to speculations that the Audi A3 could also be an electric vehicle. Audi has already announced that its last new ICE-car will be launched in 2025.

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The company will launch A3 series

The move to drop the A1 and Q2 comes at a time when the German luxury car brand is going to prefer bigger and more expensive cars in an effort to make more profit. Duesman said that the automaker will launch a range of new cars from the A3 segment. This indicates that Audi is planning to introduce more than one model in the A3 range. However, it is not clear whether the Audi CEO was referring to the Sportback, the sedan or any other body style combined with the Q3.

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A3 could be an electric car

Audi launched its fourth generation A3 in May 2020. The sale of which is still going on. It can be expected that this model will be available for sale till 2027. After this, the all-new Audi will come as a pure electric model. Because of this, the new A3 is more likely to be an electric car. With the European Union mandating that all automakers must sell only electric models in the continent from 2035, Audi could seriously consider the A3 as an EV.

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