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Sunday, September 4, 2022

લંપિ વાયરસ થી બચવા માટે રામબાણ ઇલાજ ઘરે જ કરો આ આર્યુવેદિક ઉપચાર. Do this Ayurvedic remedy at home to avoid Lumpy virus.

 We know that when many diseases are spread on humans and animals, we will talk about how we can cure them with indigenous remedies.  Currently, a disease called lumpy virus is spreading among cows and buffaloes.  This virus is spreading very dangerously in animals and many cows have died. 

 Lumpy virus was first seen in foreign countries but slowly it has progressed in Odisha, Jharkhand, Chennai and now in our Gujarat too Lumpy virus is being seen.  Today we will talk about how we can protect our animals against this virus and what are its indigenous remedies.

Symptoms of Lumpy Virus:

 This virus is usually spread by vectors such as mosquitoes, flies, lice.  Talking about the symptoms of this disease, lump-like tumors are formed on the animal's body, then they turn into sores, fever, swelling in the legs, stiffness in the body, swelling in the lymph glands.  Discharge starts coming from the nose and eyes.  This disease causes curdling of milk in dairy cattle.

Home Remedies to Prevent Lumpy Virus:

 • No specific medicine has been discovered against Lumpy virus yet so we need to have indigenous remedies shown by experts for it.  As this virus is spread by mosquitoes and flies, keep boiling lemon leaves in water and sprinkling them on diseased animals, smoke Google and lemon leaves so that flies do not sit on them and the virus is not transferred.  Keep animals that have this disease away from all animals.

 • To treat Lumpy Virus in a native way, take 50 grams of turmeric and 50 grams of black pepper powder, take 50 grams of ghee and make 50 grams of sakar vati like a small ladle and feed it to cows or buffaloes during the day.  Another is to take 100 grams of alum and dissolve it in water and sprinkle it on the cow or buffalo where it has more effect.

 • Another indigenous remedy works very quickly. In this remedy, one kg of jaggery is put in 10 liters of water and 200 grams of fennel, 200 grams of ghee, 250 grams of black pepper powder, 50 grams of turmeric are added and the water is boiled and then cooled.  Feed 1 liter per animal per day until the virus is controlled.

 • The third remedy is that you have to take 10 pieces of nagarvel leaves, 10 to 15 grams of black pepper and take some Sindhala, take some jaggery and make it like a small ladle and feed it to the cow.

 • The last one is another remedy if you find around you a plant called Tohdu which is more common in North Gujarat and Kutch.  The juice of this tohda should be added to it in proportion to water and 200 gms should be fed to cows every day for good results.

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