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Thursday, September 15, 2022

નવરાત્રિમાં નવે નવ દિવસ ભારેથી અતિભારે વરસાદ Nine days of heavy to very heavy rain in Navratri


Ahmedabad .  14 Gujarat is experiencing heavy rains in the month of Bhadara.  On the other hand, Gujarat meteorologist Ambalal Patel has already given a big news for sportsmen that there will be heavy to heavy rain for nine days during Navratri.  Then Garba lovers are worried.  Now talking about the rain that has fallen since this morning till now, it has rained in 116 talukas in Gujarat today.  In which the highest amount of 2 inches has fallen in Kutch's Abdasa.  Along with this, 165 percent of the season's rain has already dried up in Kutch. 

   A big prediction has been made by Gujarat meteorologist Ambalal Patel.  His prediction According to the monsoon system in the Bay of Bengal, heavy rains may be seen in Gujarat in the coming days.  Rainy weather will continue on September 23 and thereafter and this time Saurashtra and South Gujarat may experience heavy rain.  d.  There is a possibility of more than 6 inches of rain in Gujarat.  Ambalal Patel further said that there is a possibility of heavy rains in South Gujarat, while North and Central India may also receive heavy rains.  In such a situation, Navratri is set at the end of September and this year the monsoon is also set late.  Due to this, there is a possibility that the monsoon may be extended by another 15 days.  Due to that, it seems that, this time, it may rain in the days of Navratri.


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