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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Angry and stubborn child? Teach these 4 things that will make him calm and he will fall into the habit of saying sorry

 Angry and stubborn child? Teach these 4 things that will make him calm and he will fall into the habit of saying sorry

Child anger management: Why do children get angry early? This thing will definitely happen in your mind too. Nowadays, not only people but children have also become 'short tempered', it has been seen that even children get angry on small things. Parents dream that their child should become calm and good-natured, but for some people this dream is not fulfilled. Actually, due to poor lifestyle and increased screen time, the child becomes irritable and this is the reason why he starts getting angry over small things. If your child has also started getting angry quickly, then do not try to fight with the child even at that time. Rather, at such times, he especially needs to be made comfortable. But when your child is calm and in a good mood, then definitely teach him these 5 things. This will leave your child's habit of getting angry again and again (how to calm down angry child)

1. Teaching to express emotions

The biggest reason for the habit of getting angry again and again in children is that we do not understand their point properly. Many times the child is also unable to explain his point and due to the communication barrier, he gets angry very quickly. Therefore, teach them to express their feelings, so that they can put their words and emotions right in front of you and you can respond well to them.

2. Teach anger management for kids

The child should know how to control his anger and if he could not learn this in his childhood, then he may have a lot of problems going forward. Give her anger management tips like drinking cold water, counting to ten, taking deep breaths, and trying to forget the anger, etc. These techniques can be of great help to the child.

3. Offer his favorite food

Young children love to eat their favorite things and in such a situation, they forget the biggest thing. Try not to get angry on anything and if it comes, give him his favorite thing to eat, which will calm his anger. However, don't let him get used to it and don't overfeed him outside things. External things can upset the stomach of children and cause tooth decay.

4. Spend time with your kids

Spending time with the child is very important and if you are not able to spend time with the child, it means that his relationship with you is weakening. Spend as much time with the child as possible, try to understand him and give the child a chance to understand you too. The more the understanding between you, the less the child will get angry.

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